Bringing High Level Care to

You and Yours

OnSite Healthcare & Wellness is a South Carolina based group of licensed practitioners that provide in-house care to residents in assisted living facilities.  With years of experience caring for elderly residents, our practitioners provide specialized, individual care to each resident. Our practitioners diagnose and treat patients on site providing a chronic, preventative and transitional care to residents so there’s no need to leave their home for a doctors appointment.  This individualized, home based care, reduces urgent care visits, ER visits, and hospital visits. 


Onsite Healthcare & Wellness provides these services to the Assisted Living Resident:


  • Same day visits

  • 24/7 phone availability

  • Patient's choice of Primary Care Provider 

  • Communication with extended family upon request

  • Direct access to practitioner

  • Quality visit at your pace


Choosing OnSite will provide the following benefits:


  • No need to arrange transportation to leave the community for urgent care/primary care visits

  • Increased quality of life

  • Unlimited visits 

  • Wait in the comfort of your own home

  • Decreased confusion in coordination of care 


"A pleasure to work with because of pleasant and positive attitudes, with a bedside manner and caring attitude for patients that is impressive beyond words.  I know that I can call anytime for reliable answers and support.  Also, time is always made to first listen to the residents and staff, then answer their questions." 


C.G., RN    

"I can honestly say that not only is he a pleasure to work with, he's extremely knowledgeable in the field of geratric care.  He displays compassion and professionalism to patients as well as their families.  His calm and self-assured demeanor in addition to the high quality of medical care provided has been an asset to our facility.  Without any doubt or reservations, I would highly recommend OnSite."

S.D., LPN/Rounding Nurse/Medical Records Supervisor